400 Series windows by type

  • Awning
  • Bay & Bow
  • Casement
  • Tilt-wash double-hung
  • Gliding
  • Picture
  • Specialty

400 Series doors by type

  • French & hinged
  • Gliding patio

Awning windows

What: The one that cranks open from the bottom
Where: Often placed higher on walls for privacy and air flow
Fun Fact: Can stay open in the rain so you hear the pitter patter & feel the fresh air
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Bay & bow windows

What: The cozy nook with at least three windows
Where: Most often used in living rooms and bedrooms
Fun Fact: Angled out beyond the house wall, for extra space inside
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Casement windows

What: The one that cranks open
Where: Popular above kitchen sinks because they're so easy to open
Fun Fact: Can be as big as 6 ft. tall for more light and fresh air
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Tilt-wash double-hung windows

What: The one that slides up and down
Where: Often placed... well, everywhere
Fun Fact: One of the most common windows in America
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Gliding windows

What: The one that slides side to side
Where: Often found in kitchens, bedrooms and living rooms
Fun Fact: Like a sliding glass door, but smaller
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Picture windows

What: The one that doesn't open
Where: Often combined with windows that do open
Fun Fact: Great way to frame views and fill your space with natural light
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Specialty windows

What: The one that doesn’t open, but comes in fun shapes
Where: Often used as a design statement
Fun Fact: A shape to fit even the most unique personalities
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French & hinged patio doors

What: The door that swings open
Where: Great for patios, decks and even side entrances
Fun Fact: It can open in or out, either way you'll get outside!
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Frenchwood gliding patio doors

What: The one that slides open
Where: Perfect when you don't have space for a hinged door
Fun Fact: Slides left or right, opening to the great outdoors
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