Our Commitment to Veterans

Supporting active members, veterans, and their families

From producing our remarkable Victory Window during World War II to providing pay continuation for employees called to service, Andersen has a long history of supporting our military and their families. Together with our Military Connections employee resource network, we support and connect current and past members of the active Military, Guard and Reserve and their families.

Beyond the Yellow Ribbon

Andersen Corporation was recognized as a Yellow Ribbon Company by the Minnesota Department of Military Affairs, also known as the Minnesota National Guard, for its commitment to leveraging existing programs and building effective initiatives to support employee service members, veterans and military families.

This proclamation builds upon Andersen's longstanding dedication to supports military veterans, active duty personnel, and the extended families who love, nurture and sustain them throughout their training and deployment.

Employee Spotlight

“I first started working at Andersen Windows shortly after I graduated from basic training. Andersen has been there to support me every step of the way. I’ve needed a lot of time off to complete all of my training requirements each year. My leaders have never hesitated when I told them I needed some time off for drill, they have been very flexible especially with any last minute schedule changes I may have. I have never felt guilty for the time that I have missed just because of the reassurance I have received from my leaders and how proud they are of my service.”

Ashley S.
HR Coordinator I
National Guard

Andersen Military Support Ashley Testimony

Employee Spotlight

“I have been serving in the Wisconsin Army National Guard for over 14 years, with tours to both Iraq and Afghanistan. The past few years have been busy ones on the military side of the house, with three call-ups to emergency service with the National Guard, a deployment to Afghanistan, and lots of training throughout. I am incredibly humbled and appreciative for all the support my co-workers and the leadership team at Andersen have given to me and my wife Casey. Andersen has been a great place to work. We have fantastic people who care strongly about taking care of the customer, the business, and most importantly, each other.”

John B.
Operations Supervisor – Menomonie Consolidation Center
Sergeant First Class, Wisconsin Army National Guard

John Bensend Operations Supervisor Andersen Windows Veteran and Military Support
Andersen Windows Veterans and Military Family Support and Careers

Careers + Opportunities

Andersen has a long history of supporting our military. We value the skills you bring to the workforce and strongly support your commitment to the uniformed services.

Andersen is proud to offer:

  • Competitive wages and benefits

  • Pay continuation offerings for veterans called to active service

  • Military Connections employee resource network

  • Disability coverage

  • Mentoring programs

  • Tuition refunds

  • Retirement plans

  • Health, life and business travel insurance